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A - I
2pac1.mid - 2Pac: California Love
2pac2.mid - 2Pac: Changes
2pac3.mid - 2Pac & Notorious BIG: Runnin'
2pac4.mid - 2Pac: 2 Of Amerika'z Most Wanted
2pac5.mid - 2Pac: Hit'em Up
2pac6.mid - 2Pac: Thugs Mansion
2pac7.mid - 2Pac: Dear Mama
3doors1.mid - 3 Doors Down: Here Without You
3doors2.mid - 3 Doors Down: Kryptonite
3doors2_24.mid - 3 Doors Down: Kryptonite (24 poly)
50cent1.mid - 50Cent: In Da Club
50cent2.mid - 50Cent: Wanksta
50cent3.mid - 50Cent: 21 Questions
50cent4.mid - 50Cent: P.I.M.P.
50cent5.mid - 50Cent: If I Can't
50cent6.mid - 50 Cent: Lifes In The Line
50cent7.mid - 50 Cent: High All The Time
50cent8.mid - 50 Cent: Poor Lil' Rich
50cent8_16.mid - 50 Cent: Poor Lil' Rich (16 poly)

abba1.mid - ABBA: Money Money
abba2.mid - ABBA: Mamma Mia
abba3.mid - ABBA: Dancing Queen
abba4.mid - ABBA: Honey Honey
abba5.mid - ABBA: Waterloo
abba6.mid - ABBA: Gimme Gimme Gimme
afroman.mid - Afroman: Because I Got High
afroman_16.mid - Afroman: Because I Got High (16 poly)
aguilera1.mid - Christina Aguilera: Fighter
aguilera2.mid - Christina Aguilera: Can't Hold Us Down
aguilera3.mid - Christina Aguilera: Car Wash
aguilera3_16.mid - Christina Aguilera: Car Wash (16 poly)
alcazar1.mid - Alcazar: Sexual Guarantee
alcazar1_16.mid - Alcazar: Sexual Guarantee (16 poly)
alcazar2.mid - Alcazar: I Believe
alcazar2_16.mid - Alcazar: I Believe (16 poly)
alcazar3.mid - Alcazar: This Is The World We Live In
alcazar3_16.mid - Alcazar: This Is The World We Live In (16 poly)
alcazar3_24.mid - Alcazar: This Is The World We Live In (24 poly)
alcazar4.mid - Alcazar: Physical
alcazar4_16.mid - Alcazar: Physical (16 poly)
alcazar5.mid - Alcazar: Crying At The Discoteque
alcazar5_16.mid - Alcazar: Crying At The Discoteque (16 poly)
alizee1.mid - Alizeé: Moi Lolita v1
alizee2.mid - Alizeé: J'en ai marre
alizee3.mid - Alizeé: J'ai Pas Vingt Ans!
alizee3_16.mid - Alizeé: J'ai Pas Vingt Ans! (16 poly)
alizee4.mid - Alizeé: Moi Lolita v2
alizee4_16.mid - Alizeé: Moi Lolita v2 (16 poly)
anastacia1.mid - Anastacia: Sick And Tired
anastacia2.mid - Anastacia: Left Outside Alone
anastacia2_16.mid - Anastacia: Left Outside Alone (16 poly)
anastacia3.mid - Anastacia: Welcome To My Truth
aqua1.mid - Aqua: Barbie Girl
arash.mid - Arash: Boro Boro
arash_16.mid - Arash: Boro Boro (16 poly)
asereje.mid - Las Ketchup: Asereje
atb1.mid - ATB: 9 P.M. Til I Come
atb2.mid - ATB: Don't Stop 1
atb3.mid - ATB: Don't Stop 2
atb4.mid - ATB: The Summer
atb5.mid - ATB: Long Way Home
atb6.mid - ATB: You Are Not Alone
atb7.mid - ATB: Marrakech
atb8.mid - ATB: Ecstasy
aquagen.mid - Aquagen: Hard To Say I'm Sorry
autoscooter.mid - Autoscooter 2004
aventura.mid - Aventura: Obsesion v1
aventura_16.mid - Aventura: Obsesion v1 (16 poly)
aventura1.mid - Aventura: Obsesion v2
aventura1_16.mid - Aventura: Obsesion v2 (16 poly)
avril1.mid - Avril Lavigne: My Happy Ending
avril2.mid - Avril Lavigne: Naked
avril3.mid - Avril Lavigne: Don't Tell Me

b2k1.mid - B2K & P Diddy: Bump, Bump, Bump
b2k2.mid - B2K: Girlfriend
b2k3.mid - B2K: Badaboom
bahamen1.mid - Baha Men: Best Years Of Our Lives
bahamen2.mid - Baha Men: Who Let The Dogs Out
beastie1.mid - Beastie Boys: Fight For Your Right
beastie2.mid - Beastie Boys: CH Check It Out
beautiful.mid - Ace Of Base: Beautiful Life
benassi.mid - Benny Benassi: Satisfaction
benassi1.mid - Benny Benassi: Satisfaction, 2.verzia
benassi2.mid - Benny Benassi: No Matter What You Do
benassi3.mid - Benny Benassi: Able To Love
benassi4.mid - Benny Benassi: Illusion
benassi4_16.mid - Benny Benassi: Illusion (16 poly)
beyonce1.mid - Beyonce & Sean Paul: Baby Boy
beyonce2.mid - Beyonce: Crazy In Love
beyonce3.mid - Beyonce & Jay-Z: Bony And Clyde
beyonce4.mid - Beyonce: Me Myself And I
beyonce5.mid - Beyonce: Keep Giving Your Love
beyonce6.mid - Beyonce: Naughty Girl
bigbigworld.mid - Emilia: Big Big World
bittersweet.mid - The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony
bittersweet1.mid - The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony
bjork1.mid - Björk: Oh So Quiet
blackeyed1.mid - Black Eyed Peas: Where Is The Love
blackeyed1_16.mid - Black Eyed Peas: Where Is The Love (16 poly)
blackeyed1a.mid - Black Eyed Peas: Where Is The Love
blackeyed2.mid - Black Eyed Peas: Shut Up
blackeyed3.mid - Black Eyed Peas: Hey Mama
blackeyed4.mid - Black Eyed Peas: Lets Get Retarted
blackeyed5.mid - Black Eyed Peas: Lets Get It Started
blank1.mid - Blank & Jones: Home And Dry (Remix) v1
blank2.mid - Blank & Jones: Home And Dry (Remix) v2
blank3.mid - Blank & Jones: Mind Of The Wonderful
blondie1.mid - Blondie: Tide Is Hight
blondie2.mid - Blondie: Heart Of Glass
blondie3.mid - Blondie: Atomic
blondie4.mid - Blondie: Call Me
blondie5.mid - Blondie: Maria
blue1.mid - Blue: Too Close
blue2.mid - Blue: Bubblin'
blue3.mid - Blue & Elton J.: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
blue4.mid - Blue: Guilty
blue5.mid - Blue: One Love
blue6.mid - Blue: Breathe Easy
bomfunk1.mid - Bomfunk MC's: Freestyler
bomfunk1_16.mid - Bomfunk MC's: Freestyler (16 poly)
bomfunk1a_16.mid - Bomfunk MC's: Freestyler Remix(16 poly)
bomfunk2.mid - Bomfunk MC's & Jessica Folker: Something Going On
bomfunk3.mid - Bomfunk MC's: Up Rockin Beats
boogiepimps.mid - Boogie Pimps: Somebody To Love
boogiepimps1.mid - Boogie Pimps: Sunny
britney1.mid - Britney Spears: I Love Rocknroll
britney2.mid - Britney Spears: Oops I Did It Again
britney3.mid - Britney Spears: Toxic
britney4.mid - Britney Spears: Everytime v1
britney4a.mid - Britney Spears: Everytime v2
britney4_16.mid - Britney Spears: Everytime (16 poly)
britney5.mid - Britney Spears: My Prerogative
britney5_16.mid - Britney Spears: My Prerogative (16 poly)
britney6.mid - Britney Spears: Do Somthin'
bubba1.mid - Bubba Sparxxx: Ugly
bubba2.mid - Bubba Sparxxx: Deliverance
bustarhymes1.mid - Busta Rhymes: Break Ya Neck
bustarhymes2.mid - Busta Rhymes: Woo Hah
bustarhymes3.mid - B.R.& M.Carey: I Know What You Want
bustarhymes4.mid - Busta Rhymes: Light Ya Ass On Fire

cassidy.mid - Cassidy & R Kelly: Hotel
coldplay1.mid - Coldplay: Clocks
coldplay2.mid - Coldplay: Trouble
colonia.mid - Colonia: Oduzimaš mi dah
coolio1.mid - Coolio: Gangsta's Paradise
coolio2.mid - Coolio: C U When U Get There
coolio3.mid - Coolio: Too Hot
cottoneyed1.mid - Vanessa Mae: Cotton Eyed Joe
cottoneyed2.mid - Rednex: Cotton Eyed Joe
cypresshill.mid - Cypress Hill: Rock Superstar
cypresshill1.mid - Cypress Hill: Whats Your Number

d12.mid - D12: My Band
d12_1.mid - D12: Commercial Break
d12_2.mid - D12: How Come
d12_3.mid - D12: 40oz
d12_4.mid - D12: Shit On You
dahool.mid - Da Hool: Meet Her At The Love Parade
dahool_16.mid - Da Hool: Meet Her At The Love Parade (16 poly)
danielk1.mid - Daniel Kueblboeck: Heartbeat
danzel.mid - Danzel: Pump It Up
danzel_16.mid - Danzel: Pump It Up (16 poly)
dariog1.mid - Dario G: Carnaval de Paris
dariog2.mid - Dario G: Dream To Me
dariog2_16.mid - Dario G: Dream To Me (16 poly)
darude1.mid - Darude: Sandstorm v1
darude2.mid - Darude: Sandstorm v2
darude1_16.mid - Darude: Sandstorm v1 (16 poly)
darude2_16.mid - Darude: Sandstorm v2 (16 poly)
darude3_16.mid - Darude: Sandstorm v3 (16 poly)
delasoul.mid - De La Soul & Sean Paul: Shoomp
destinys1_16.mid - Destiny's Child: Independent Women (16 poly)
destinys2.mid - Destiny's Child: Lose My Breath
destinys2_16.mid - Destiny's Child: Lose My Breath (16 poly)
destinys3_16.mid - Destiny's Child: No No No (16 poly)
destinys4.mid - Destiny's Child: Soldier
destinys4_16.mid - Destiny's Child: Soldier (16 poly)
dido1.mid - Dido: White Flag
dido2.mid - Dido: Life For Rent
dilated.mid - Dilated People: This Way
dilated_16.mid - Dilated People: This Way (16 poly)
dilemma.mid - Nelly & Kelly Rowland: Dilemma
disco1.mid - Fly Robin Fly
disco2.mid - Give It Up
disco3.mid - Ramaya
disco4.mid - That's The Way (I Like It)
disco5.mid - We Are Family
disco6.mid - Lady Marmalade (Voule Vous Couche Avec Moi)
disco7.mid - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
djalice1.mid - Alice DJ: Better Off Alone
djcasper.mid - DJ Casper: Cha Cha Slide
djdaddy.mid - DJ Daddy: Daddy Deejay
djdaddy_16.mid - DJ Daddy: Daddy Deejay (16 poly)
djjean.mid - DJ Jean: Launch
djotzi1.mid - DJ Ötzi: Hey Baby
djotzi2.mid - DJ Ötzi: Tanz den Rehakles
djotzi2_24.mid - DJ Ötzi: Tanz den Rehakles (24 poly)
djpestak.mid - DJ P Estak: Rave On
djpestak_16.mid - DJ P Estak: Rave On (16 poly)
djsakin.mid - DJ Sakin: Protect Your Mind
djsi.mid - DJ S I: This
djtiesto.mid - DJ Tiesto: Traffic
djtiesto1.mid - DJ Tiesto: Love Comes Again
djtiesto2.mid - DJ Tiesto: Lethal Industry
djzinc.mid - DJ Zinc: Super Sharp Shooter
dmx1.mid - DMX: Ruff Ryder's Anthem
dmx2.mid - DMX: Party Up
dmx3.mid - DMX: X Gonna Give it to Ya
dmx4.mid - DMX: Where The Hood At
dmx5.mid - DMX: What These Bitches Want
dmx6.mid - DMX: Its All Good
drdre1.mid - Dr Dre: Next Episode
drdre2.mid - Dr Dre: Still Dre
drdre3.mid - Dr Dre: Whats The Diference
drdre4.mid - Dr Dre: X Xplosive
drdre5.mid - Dr Dre: Smoke Weed
drdre6.mid - Dr Dre: Bad Intentions

eamon1.mid - Eamon: Fuck It (I Dont Want You Back)
eamon2.mid - Eamon: Controversy
eamon3.mid - Eamon: I Love Them Ho's v1
eamon4.mid - Eamon: I Love Them Ho's v2
east17.mid - East 17: Thunder
eiffel.mid - Eiffel 65: Blue
eiffel_16.mid - Eiffel 65: Blue (16 poly)
eminem1.mid - Eminem: Forgot About Dre
eminem2.mid - Eminem: Without Me
eminem3.mid - Eminem: The Way I Am
eminem4.mid - Eminem: Stan
eminem5.mid - Eminem: Cleanin Out My Closet
eminem6.mid - Eminem: Sing For The Moment
eminem7.mid - Eminem: Business
eminem8.mid - Eminem: 8 Miles
eminem9.mid - Eminem: Lose Yourself
eminem10.mid - Eminem: Realest Label
eminem11.mid - Eminem: Kill You
eminem12.mid - Eminem: Crazy In Love
eminem13.mid - Eminem: Just Lose It
eminem13_16.mid - Eminem: Just Lose It (16 poly)
eminem14.mid - Eminem: Like Toy Soldiers
energy52.mid - Energy 52: Cafe Del Mar
enolagay.mid - Enola Gay
enrique1.mid - Enrique Iglesias & Kelis: Not In Love
enrique2.mid - Enrique Iglesias: Hero
erener1.mid - Sertab Erener: Everyway That I Can
ericprydz.mid - Eric Prydz: Call On Me
eros1.mid - Eros Ramazzotti: Un' Emozione Per Sempre
eros2.mid - Eros Ramazzotti: Piccola Pietra
evanescence1.mid - Evanescence: Going Under
evanescence2.mid - Evanescence: Bring Me To Life
evanescence3.mid - Evanescence: My Immortal
evanescence4.mid - Evanescence: Taking Over Me

faithless1.mid - Faithless: We Come One
faithless2.mid - Faithless: Mass Destruction
fatboy1.mid - Fatboy Slim: Praise You
furtado.mid - Nelly Furtado: Powerless
furtado1.mid - Nelly Furtado: Forca (ME Portugal)

gabryponte1.mid - Gabry Ponte: Time To Rock v1
gabryponte2.mid - Gabry Ponte: Time To Rock v2
gabryponte3.mid - Gabry Ponte: La Danza delle Streghe
garyjules.mid - Gary Jules: Mad World
ghostface.mid - Ghostface & Missy Elliot: Push
gigi1.mid - Gigi D'Agostino: L'amour Toujours
gigi2.mid - Gigi D'Agostino: The Ridlle
gigi3.mid - Gigi D'Agostino & DJ Albertino: Super 1 2 3
gigi4.mid - Gigi D'Agostino: Silence
gigi5.mid - Gigi D'Agostino: Bla, Bla, Bla
gorillaz.mid - Gorillaz: 19-2000
groove1.mid - Groove Coverage: She
groove1_16.mid - Groove Coverage: She (16 poly)
groove2.mid - Groove Coverage: 7 Years And 50 Days
groove2_16.mid - Groove Coverage: 7 Years And 50 Days (16 poly)
groove3.mid - Groove Coverage: Poison
groove3_16.mid - Groove Coverage: Poison (16 poly)
gunit1.mid - G-Unit: Poppin' Them Thangs
gunit2.mid - G-Unit: Stunt 101
gunit3.mid - G-Unit: Wanna Get To Know You
gwenstefani1_16.mid - Gwen Stefani & Eve: Rich Girl (16 poly)

hipporave.mid - HippoRave
hippohooray.mid - HippoHooray
hotbanditoz.mid - Hot Banditoz: Veo Veo
hoobastank1.mid - Hoobastank: The Reason
hoobastank1_16.mid - Hoobastank: The Reason (16 poly)

chemical.mid - Chemical Brothers: Hey Boy Hey Girl
chemical1_16.mid - Chemical Brothers: Galvanize (16 poly)
chihuahua.mid - DJ Bobo: Chi - Hua - Hua
children.mid - Robert Miles: Children
chingy1.mid - Chingy: One Call Away
chingy1_16.mid - Chingy: One Call Away (16 poly)
chingy2.mid - Chingy: Chingy Jackpot
chingy2_16.mid - Chingy: Chingy Jackpot (16 poly)

icecube1.mid - Ice Cube: Ghetto Vet
icecube1_16.mid - Ice Cube: Ghetto Vet (16 poly)
icecube2.mid - Ice Cube: Record Company Pimpin
icecube2_16.mid - Ice Cube: Record Company Pimpin (16 poly)
icecube3.mid - Ice Cube: You Can Do It
icecube4.mid - Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day
icecube4_16.mid - Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day (16 poly)
ingrid1.mid - In-Grid: In Tango
ingrid2.mid - In-Grid: Tu Es Foutu
ingrid3.mid - In-Grid: Milord
ingrid3_16.mid - In-Grid: Milord (16 poly)

J - Z
jackson1.mid - Michael Jackson: Earth Song
jadakiss.mid - Jadakiss: Knock Yourself Out
jamandspoon1.mid - Jam And Spoon: Set Me Free
jamandspoon2.mid - Jam And Spoon: Right In The Night
jamelia.mid - Jamelia: Superstar
jamelia1.mid - Jamelia: Thank You
jamelia2.mid - Jamelia: See It In A Boys Eyes
jamelia3.mid - Jamelia: DJ
jamelia3_16.mid - Jamelia: DJ (16 poly)
jamelia4.mid - Jamelia: Stop
jamelia4_16.mid - Jamelia: Stop (16 poly)
janwayne.mid - Jan Wayne: Because The Night
janwayne_16.mid - Jan Wayne: Because The Night (16 poly)
jarule1.mid - Ja Rule & Ashanti: Mesmerized
jarule2.mid - Ja Rule: Clap Back Reigns
jarule3.mid - Ja Rule: Holla Holla
jarule4.mid - Ja Rule & Bobby Brown: Thug Lovin
jarule5.mid - Ja Rule: Between Me And You
jayz1.mid - Jay Z: Hard Knock Life
jayz2.mid - Jay Z: Guns And Roses
jayz3.mid - Jay Z: Dirt Off Your Shoulder
jayz4.mid - Jay Z: 99 Problems
jayz4_16.mid - Jay Z: 99 Problems (16 poly)
jayz5_16.mid - Jay Z & Pharrell: Change Clothes (16 poly)
jennifer1.mid - Jennifer Lopez: Jenny From The Block
jennifer2.mid - Jennifer Lopez & LL Cool J : All I Have
jennifer3.mid - J Lo & Pied Piper: Baby I Love You
jkwon1.mid - J-Kwon: Tipsy
jkwon2.mid - J-Kwon: Hood Hop
jojo.mid - Jo Jo: Leave (Get Out)
jojo_16.mid - Jo Jo: Leave (Get Out) (16 poly)
junior1.mid - Junior Senior: Move Your Feet
junior2.mid - Junior Senior: Rhythm Bandit
junior3.mid - Junior Senior: Coconuts
junior3_16.mid - Junior Senior: Coconuts (16 poly)
juniorjack.mid - Junior Jack: E-Samba
juniorjack1.mid - Junior Jack: Stupidisco
juvenile.mid - Juvenile: Slow Motion
juvenile_16.mid - Juvenile: Slow Motion (16 poly)

karma1.mid - Karma: Sedam dana 1
karma2.mid - Karma: Sedam dana 2
karma3.mid - Karma: Ako Odeš
karma4.mid - Karma: Malo pomalo v1
karma4_16.mid - Karma: Malo pomalo v1 (16 poly)
karma5.mid - Karma: Malo pomalo v2
karma6.mid - Karma: Amore Mio
kateryan1.mid - Kate Ryan: Libertine
kateryan2.mid - Kate Ryan: Desenchantée
kateryan3.mid - Kate Ryan: Only If I
kateryan4.mid - Kate Ryan: The Promise You Made v1
kateryan5.mid - Kate Ryan: The Promise You Made v2
kelis.mid - Kelis: Milk Shake v1
kelis1.mid - Kelis: Milk Shake v2
kelis2.mid - Kelis: Trick Me
kelly1.mid - R Kelly: Ignition
kevinlyttle.mid - Kevin Lyttle: Turn Me On
kevinlyttle1.mid - Kevin Lyttle: Last Drop
kmaro.mid - K-Maro: Femme Like U
kmaro_16.mid - K-Maro: Femme Like U (16 poly)
kylie1.mid - Kylie Minogue: Come Into My World
kylie2.mid - Kylie Minogue: Slow
kylie3.mid - Kylie Minogue: Can't Get You Out Of My Head
kylie4.mid - Kylie Minogue: Red Blooded Woman
kylie5.mid - Kylie Minogue: Chocolate
kylie6.mid - Kylie Minogue: I Believe In You

lacara.mid - Lacara: Everytime We Touch
lacucaracha.mid - La Cucaracha (disco Mexico)
latinlover.mid - Latin Lover
lemontree.mid - Fools Garden: Lemon Tree
liljon1.mid - Lil Jon: Get Low v1
liljon2.mid - Lil Jon: Get Low v2
liljon3.mid - Lil Jon: Bia Bia
liljon4.mid - Lil Jon:I Dont Give A Fuck
liljon5.mid - Lil Jon: What You Gon' Do
liljon5_16.mid - Lil Jon: What You Gon' Do (16 poly)
liljon6.mid - Lil Jon & Ice Cube: Roll Call
liljon6_16.mid - Lil Jon & Ice Cube: Roll Call (16 poly)
liljon7.mid - Lil Jon & Usher: Lovers And Friends
liljon7_16.mid - Lil Jon & Usher: Lovers And Friends (16 poly)
love.mid - John Paul Young: Love Is In The Air
llcoolj.mid - LL Cool J: Hey Lover
llcoolj1.mid - LL Cool J: Headsprung
ludacris1.mid - Ludacris: Act A Fool
ludacris2.mid - Ludacris: Move Bitch
ludacris3.mid - Ludacris: Stand Up
ludacris4.mid - Ludacris: Welcome To Atlanta
ludacris5.mid - Ludacris: Roll Out
ludacris6.mid - Ludacris: Splash Waterfalls
lumidee.mid - Lumidee: Never Leave You
lumidee1.mid - Lumidee: Crashin' A Party

macarena.mid - Los Del Rio: Macarena
madonna1.mid - Madonna: Don't Cry For Me Argentina
madonna2.mid - Madonna: Beautiful Stranger
madonna3.mid - Madonna: Hollywood
madonna4.mid - Madonna: Papa don't preach
magickey.mid - One T Cool T: The Magic Key
mambo5.mid - Lou Bega: Mambo No 5
manuchao1.mid - Manu Chao: Me Gustas Tu
manuchao2.mid - Manu Chao: Bongo Bong
manuchao3.mid - Manu Chao: Desaparecido
mariowinans.mid - Mario Winans: I Don't Wanna Know
maroon1.mid - Maroon 5: This Love
maroon2.mid - Maroon 5: Secret
maroon3.mid - Maroon 5: Will Be Loved
maroon3_16.mid - Maroon 5: Will Be Loved (16 poly)
mchammer.mid - Mc Hammer: Can't Touch This
master.mid - Master Blaster: Hypnotic Tango
master1.mid - Master Blaster: How Old Are You
master1_16.mid - Master Blaster: How Old Are You (16 poly)
melendiz.mid - Melendiz: Fuck You All
methodman1.mid - Method Man & Mary J.Blige: Love is All We Need
methodman2.mid - Method Man & Missy Eliot: Bring The Pain
methodman3.mid - Method Man & Redman: Da Rockwilder
methodman4.mid - Method Man & Limp Bizkit: N2gether
methodman5.mid - Method Man & Busta Rhymes: What's Happening
missye1.mid - Missy Elliott: Work It
missye2.mid - Missy Elliott: Pass That Dutch
missye3.mid - Missy Elliott: Toyz
moby1.mid - Moby: Natural Blues
moby1_16.mid - Moby: Natural Blues (16 poly)
moby2.mid - Moby: Flower
moby2_16.mid - Moby: Flower (16 poly)
moby3.mid - Moby: Lady
moby3_16.mid - Moby: Lady (16 poly)
moby3_29.mid - Moby: Lady (29 poly)
moby4_16.mid - Moby: In This World (16 poly)
morcheeba.mid - Morcheeba: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
morcheeba_16.mid - Morcheeba: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (16 poly)
morcheeba_24.mid - Morcheeba: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (24 poly)
mrmobile.mid - Mr Mobile: Call Me
mrpresident1.mid - Mr President: Coco Jamboo
mtvjackass.mid - MTV Jackass
mtvjackass1.mid - MTV Jackass, Party Boy
mtvroque.mid - MTV Roque
mtvroque1.mid - MTV Roque
mtvunderpants.mid - MTV Underpants

natasha.mid - Natasha Thomas: Save Your Kisses For Me
natasha_16.mid - Natasha Thomas: Save Your Kisses For Me (16 poly)
natasha2.mid - Natasha Bedingfield: These Words
natasha2_16.mid - Natasha Bedingfield: These Words (16 poly)
natasha3.mid - Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten
natasha3_16.mid - Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten (16 poly)
nelly1.mid - Nelly: My Place
nelly1_16.mid - Nelly: My Place (16 poly)
nelly2.mid - Nelly: Over And Over
nelly2_16.mid - Nelly: Over And Over (16 poly)
nena1.mid - Nena: 99 Luftballons
nena2.mid - Nena: Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
nerd1.mid - N.E.R.D: She Wants To Move
nerd2.mid - N.E.R.D: Thrasher
nerd3.mid - N.E.R.D: Maybe
nerd3_16.mid - N.E.R.D: Maybe (16 poly)
nilsen.mid - Kurt Nilsen: She So High
nilsen_16.mid - Kurt Nilsen: She So High (16 poly)
nilsen_24.mid - Kurt Nilsen: She So High (24 poly)
ninasky1.mid - Nina Sky: Move Ya Body
nodoubt1.mid - No Doubt: It's My Life

ottawan1.mid - Ottawan: Hands Up
ottawan2.mid - Ottawan: D.I.S.C.O.
outkast1.mid - Outkast: Miss Jacksson
outkast2.mid - Outkast: So Fresh So Clean
outkast3.mid - Outkast: Hey Ya
outkast4.mid - Outkast: Ghetto Music
outkast5.mid - Outkast: The Way You Move
outkast6.mid - Outkast: The Whole World
outkast7.mid - Outkast: Roses
outlandish1.mid - Outlandish: Aicha
ozone.mid - O-Zone: Dragostea Din Tei v1
ozone1.mid - O-Zone: Dragostea Din Tei v2 poslal Dušan
ozone2.mid - O-Zone: Despre Tine
ozone2_16.mid - O-Zone: Despre Tine (16 poly)

panjabimc.mid - Panjabi MC: Mudian To Back Ke
panjabimc1.mid - Panjabi MC: Jogi
pdiddy.mid - P Diddy: Bad Boys For Life
pdiddy1.mid - P Diddy: I Need A Girl
petshopboys1.mid - Pet Shop Boys: Always In My Mind
petshopboys2.mid - Pet Shop Boys: Go West
pink1.mid - Pink: Just Like A Pill
pink2.mid - Pink: Trouble
pink3.mid - Pink: God Is A DJ
pink4.mid - Pink: Get The Party Started
pink5.mid - Pink: Last To Know
ppk1.mid - PPK: Reload
ppk2.mid - PPK: Resurection

redman1.mid - Redman & Eric Sermon: React
rickymartin1.mid - Ricki Martin: Livin' La Vida Loca
rickymartin2.mid - Ricki Martin: Jaleo
rightsaidfred1.mid - Right Said Fred: Youre My Mate
robbie1.mid - Robbie Williams: Road To Mandalay
robbie2.mid - Robbie Williams: Something Beautiful
robbie3.mid - Robbie Williams: Sexed Up
robbie4.mid - Robbie Williams: Come Undone
robbie5.mid - Robbie Williams: Feel
robbie6.mid - R. Williams & N. Kidman: Something Stupid
robbie7.mid - Robbie Williams: Rock DJ
robbie8.mid - Robbie Williams: She's The One
ronankeating.mid - Ronan Keating: When You Say Nothing At All
ronankeating_16.mid - Ronan Keating: When You Say Nothing At All (16 poly)
royalgigolos.mid - Royal Gigolos: California Dreamin' v1
royalgigolos1.mid - Royal Gigolos: California Dreamin' v2
rundmc.mid - Run DMC: Its Like That
ruslana.mid - Ruslana: Wild Dance
ruslana1.mid - Ruslana: Zagraj mi muzičenku

safriduo1.mid - Safri Duo: Played A Live
safriduo2.mid - Safri Duo: All The People
safriduo3.mid - Safri Duo: Fallin High
samba1.mid - Samba De Janeiro
sarah1.mid - Sarah Connor: Skin On Skin
sarah2.mid - Sarah Connor: He's Unbelieveable
sarah3.mid - Sarah Connor: Just One Last Dance v1
sarah4.mid - Sarah Connor: Just One Last Dance v2
scatman.mid - Scatman
scooter1.mid - Scooter: Maria I Like It Loud
scooter2.mid - Scooter: The Night
scooter3.mid - Scooter: Call Me Manana
scooter4.mid - Scooter: Ramp (Logical Song)
scooter5.mid - Scooter: Nessaja
scooter6.mid - Scooter: Weekend
scooter7.mid - Scooter: How Much Is The Fish
scooter8.mid - Scooter: Jigga Jigga v1
scooter8a.mid - Scooter: Jigga Jigga v2
scooter9.mid - Scooter: Fire
scooter10.mid - Scooter: Shake That
scooter10_16.mid - Scooter: Shake That (16 poly)
scooter11.mid - Scooter: One (Always Hardcore)
scooter11_16.mid - Scooter: One (Always Hardcore) (16 poly)
scooter12.mid - Scooter: Shoshanna (Jožo Suchý)
seanpaul1.mid - Sean Paul: Get Busy
seanpaul2.mid - Sean Paul: Like Glue
seanpaul3.mid - Sean Paul & Beenie Man: Bossman
seanpaul4.mid - Sean Paul: Gimmie The Light
seanpaul5.mid - Sean Paul & Blu Cantrell: Breathe
seanpaul6.mid - Sean Paul: I'm Still In Love With You
shaggy1.mid - Shaggy: Angel
shaggy2.mid - Shaggy: It Wasn't Me
shaggy3.mid - Shaggy: Boombastic
shakira1.mid - Shakira: Whenever Whenever
shakira2.mid - Shakira: Objection
snap.mid - Snap: Rythm is a Dancer
snoopdogg1.mid - Snoop Dogg: Ain't No Fun
snoopdogg2.mid - Snoop Dogg & Pharrell: Drop It Like It's Hot
snoopdogg3.mid - Snoop Dogg: Let's Get Blown
snoopdogg3_16.mid - Snoop Dogg: Let's Get Blown (16 poly)
soulcontrol.mid - Soul Control: Chocolate
soulcontrol_16.mid - Soul Control: Chocolate (16 poly)
speciald1.mid - Special D: Come With Me v1
speciald1_16.mid - Special D: Come With Me (16 poly)
speciald2.mid - Special D: Come With Me v2
speciald3.mid - Special D: Home Alone
stacie1.mid - Stacie Orrico: Stuck
stacie2.mid - Stacie Orrico: Theres Gotta Be More
streets.mid - Streets: Dry Your Eyes
sugababes1.mid - Sugababes: Hole In The Head
sugarhill.mid - Sugarhill Gang: Rappers Delight

tatu1.mid - Tatu: Nas nedogoňat
tatu2.mid - Tatu: Ja sošla s uma
tatu3.mid - Tatu: Robot
tatu4.mid - Tatu: Malčiky
techno1.mid - Ntraxx: Marsmobil
techno2.mid - Ntraxx: Galaxy Of Dance
techno3.mid - Tutatta
techno4.mid - Minimalistix: Magic Fly
techno5.mid - Anonym
techno6_16.mid - Techno Forest (16 poly)
techno7_16.mid - Moon5150: Space (16 poly)
thegame.mid - The Game & 50Cent: How We Do
thegame_16.mid - The Game & 50Cent: How We Do (16 poly)
ti.mid - T.I.: 24s
timberlake1.mid - Justin Timberlake: Senorita
timberlake2.mid - Justin Timberlake: Cry Me A River
timberlake3.mid - Justin Timberlake: Rock Your Body
timberlake4.mid - Justin Timberlake: Lets Take A Ride
timberlake5.mid - Justin Timberlake: Like I Love U
timberlake6.mid - Justin Timberlake: Like I Love U(Outro)
timberlake7.mid - Justin Timberlake: Right For Me
timberlake8.mid - Justin Timberlake: I'm Lovin It
twista1.mid - Twista: Slow Jamz
twista1_16.mid - Twista: Slow Jamz (16 poly)
twista2.mid - Twista: Sunshine
twista2.mid - Twista: Sunshine (16 poly)

underworld.mid - Underworld: Born Slippy
underworld_16.mid - Underworld: Born Slippy (16 poly)
unlim1.mid - 2 Unlimited: Are You Ready v1
unlim2.mid - 2 Unlimited: Are You Ready v2
unlim3.mid - 2 Unlimited: No Limits
unlim4.mid - 2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone
unlim5.mid - 2 Unlimited: Tribal Dance
usher1.mid - Usher, Lil Jon & Ludacris: Yeah v1
usher2.mid - Usher, Lil Jon & Ludacris: Yeah v2
usher3.mid - Usher: Burn
usher4.mid - Usher: Confessions
usher4_16.mid - Usher: Confessions (16 poly)
usher5.mid - Usher: My Boo
usher5_16.mid - Usher: My Boo (16 poly)
usher6_16.mid - Usher: Caught Up (16 poly)

vandyke1.mid - Paul Van Dyke: Nothing But You
vandyke2.mid - Paul Van Dyke: Connected (Motorola)
vengaboys1.mid - Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom
vengaboys2.mid - Vengaboys: We're Going To Ibiza
vengaboys3.mid - Vengaboys: We Like To Party
vengaboys4.mid - Vengaboys: Shala Lala
voyage.mid - Desireless: Voyage Voyage

wamdue.mid - Wamdue Project: King Of My Castle
wutangclan1a.mid - Wu Tang Clan: Gravel Pit v1
wutangclan1b.mid - Wu Tang Clan: Gravel Pit v2
wutangclan1b_16.mid - Wu Tang Clan: Gravel Pit v2 (16 poly)
wutangclan2.mid - Wu Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M.
wutangclan2_16.mid - Wu Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M. (16 poly)
wutangclan3.mid - Wu Tang Clan: Ain't Nuthing ta Fuck Wit
wutangclan4.mid - Wu Tang Clan: Reunited

xzibit.mid - Xzibit: X
xzibit_16.mid - Xzibit: X (16 poly)
xzibit1.mid - Xzibit: Hey Now (Mean Muggin)
xzibit2.mid - Xzibit: Multiply

youngbloodz.mid - Young Bloodz: Damn!

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